David Roberts

Chief Executive and Chief Resilience Officer

Resilience Professionals Ltd.

David Roberts is the Chief Executive and Chief Resilience Officer at Resilience Professionals Ltd and CEO of CUPE International. He has extensive expertise as a Consultant, assessor & trainer with over 30 years of PPM, change and Business Resilience experience across a broad range of industries globally. He is an accredited Trainer for many recognised best practices supporting PPM and Business Resilience. He has led organisations for more than two decades in both the public and commercial sectors.

His specialties include portfolio management, PPM and Business Resilience audit and improvement; consulting on complex organizational initiatives including, business transformation projects and change programs. David has been interested in Business Resilience from the time he was a University Lecturer in International Strategic Management for business and has a depth of understanding of the link between projects and resilience, from leading organisations.

David has been recognised in appointments as a Chartered Management Consultant Assessor, Chair of the Standards Committee for APMG Registered Consultants and Director of the Agile Business Consortium. He is also a Chartered Project Professional. He has a focus on creating a vision and realising it through opportunities for improvement whilst building resilience, collaboration and facilitating progress at pace, wherever possible.


Sheila Roberts

Chief Progress Officer

Resilience Professionals Ltd.

Sheila Roberts is the Chief Progress Officer for Resilience Professionals Ltd. and has been the Chief Operating Officer for CUPE International for more than 20 years. She has three decades (plus) of PPM experience, leading project professionals to deliver successful initiatives. She is accredited as a Practitioner and Trainer in many PPM and supporting Best Practices.  Sheila is passionate about the need for resilience and facilitating progress and is a co-author of ‘Business Resilience; A practical guide to sustained progress delivered at pace.’ She led the development of the Resilience Profile and other unique tools in the Business Resilience Framework. She is also the Chief Examiner of the APMG Business Resilience examination.

She has worked with many blue-chip organisations to advise them on implementing best practices which lead to healthy performance delivering both progress and resilience. She is a recognised specialist holding positions for the Association for Project Management as Chair of Examiners and Chartered Assessor, in addition to being a Chartered Project Professional herself. She has been elected by competitor organisations as Chair of the PPM Training industry body, the Association for Training Excellence, where she has been on the Board since its inception.

Sheila’s personal style is about collaboratively finding solutions that work for the organisation, network partners, individuals and also reflect recognised best practice. The resilience workshops she facilitations provide participants with practical experience and food for thought. She always aims for her involvement to leave organisations and individuals making progress and more resilient as a result.


Business Resilience: Practical tools to develop Healthy Foundations, Culture and make Progress

Sheila and David Roberts will deliver this workshop which builds on the Keynote speech about Healthy Foundations, Healthy Culture and Healthy Progress – turning the dream into reality with the Business Resilience Framework.

Business resilience is increasingly recognized as an essential element of sustainable business design and operation, yet few holistic approaches exist to date that would allow the practical implementation of resilience-focused initiatives. The Resilience Professionals team has developed a roadmap and set of tools to help you with this implementation. In this workshop, we will introduce tools to start your roadmap journey to embed the resilience focus in your organizational and project delivery processes. Attend the workshop to experience the application of one or more (depending on time) of those tools in a practical working scenario to improve business resilience in your organization.

What can the audience take away?

  • An overview of the Business Resilience Framework
  • A roadmap to start the journey to improved Business Resilience with Healthy Performance
  • Practical experience of using a Business Resilience tool (and a template)
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