Martin Záklasník

Coach, mentor

Martin Záklasník has worked in various managerial positions in the Czech Republic and abroad. He has worked in various sectors of business – from consulting, through IT and telecommunications to the energy industry. His most recent position was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Czech E.ON with the aim of transforming the company into a modern and sustainable energy company.

His main skills and topics covered in his practice include corporate transformation and change management, customer centricity, corporate culture and digitalization. Martin took a sabbatical of several months in the summer 2021. He is currently involved in coaching, mentoring and consulting.



Panel discussion

Panel discussion on the topic of health – of economy, society, companies, projects. Discussants will be: Martin Klusoň, Martin Záklasník and Martin Vohánka. The discussion will be held in Czech and moderated by Oliver Čapčík and Martin Vasquez.

Metaskills (of leaders) in times of rapid change

Each era contains both its unique characteristics and a certain timelessness. The first part of the lecture “Metaskills (of leaders) in a time of rapid change” will deal with what makes today’s times unique. The combination of a chaotic environment around us, permanent changes, the rise of artificial intelligence and widening generational differences are just some examples that characterize it.

In the second part of the lecture, I will focus on metaskills in the present era, which is characterized as a time of ever-accelerating change. In my view, the key metaskills selected include the ability to unlearn and relearn, as well as another way of working with the future – called backcasting. In this lecture I will give specific examples from practice and from my own experience. I will also outline how the main new metaskills can be learned.

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