Petr Lev

Senior consultant, Agile coach


Petr Lev is a senior consultant in Symphera and he has devoted his entire professional career to project management and agility. Recently, he mainly trains Scrum and SAFe frameworks, coaches and mentors agile teams and consults in the field of agile product management. In everything that Petr trains and consults, he draws knowledge from real practice in the roles of Scrum master, Release Train Engineer, SAFe Program Consultant, agile coach or project manager. Petr is also the co-founder of Agile Race and the founder and honorary chairman of the Project Management Student Club.


Waterfall or Agile? Why do we see nails everywhere when we have a hammer in our hand?

Agility is everything I like. Beware of catchphrases like “Project is rigid evil” or “Agile is Scrum, SAFe or Spotify”. I also prefer to take the train, but that doesn’t mean that sometimes it’s not better and more efficient to use the bus. Unfortunately people have always tended to see the world in black and white, you’re either for it or against it! That’s why we’ve been watching the Agile vs Waterfall battle for over 2 decades now. In doing so, we are pitting against each other approaches that are not absolutely mutually exclusive, on the contrary, they complement each other. There are two extremes in the market today – first: agile vs waterfall and second: we don’t differentiate them. But neither is a good approach. We need to be able to combine both approaches in one system. Just as you can build a joint station for trains and buses, work with the fact that each fits a little differently and training for bus drivers needs to look different from training for train drivers.

In the presentation, senior consultant Petr Lev from Symphera will explain where to use projects, why agility is most suitable for Product Development, how to make investment decisions at the top management level. Co-speaker Peter Kukura will share how he approaches the situation when a company decides to transform in practice and how to work with the topics described above. He will support his ideas with his extensive experience, not only from his role as Group Head of Transformation at CETIN. Together with Petr and the conference participants, he will then discuss questions such as: Can you make good scrum masters out of Project Managers? Is big bang the best way to achieve agility? What do companies expect from people vs. what expectations do employees have?

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