Josef Holán

Project and process manager


Josef works as a project and process manager and at the same time as an agile coach. He enjoys improving company environment so that everyone in the company works better and everything runs smoothly. He connects people and teams in terms of business within the whole company, so that communication works, information is shared and cooperation improves.

He went through the roles of programmer, team leader and IT manager. During more than 14 years in managerial positions, he has experienced several management styles – from classic management to leading people. He is interested in agile and one of the purposes of his work is to introduce agile techniques and principles not only in IRESOFT company, but also to others. In IRESOFT, the agile transformation was successful in all teams from IT to business and HR.


Self-organizing teams, the basis of a healthy project?

IRESOFT has been known for a long time as a leader in the field of culture and people leadership. Petr Martinásek (Transformation Coach from RainFellows) will discuss experiences with self-organizing teams with Josef Holán (Project Manager and Agile Coach from IRESOFT). Petr will challenge Josef on how this buzzword fits into truly effective product development and “healthy” projects.

In blunt terms with no bullshit:

Is it possible to apply self-organizing teams in all companies? How to ensure that self-organizing teams fulfill the product/project/company vision? How can they communicate effectively with stakeholders? How do they respond to unexpected changes? And what are the prerequisites for the successful implementation of a self-organizing team?

What can the audience take away?

  • Answers to questions about accountability in self-organizing teams.
  • The importance of vision, plans and openness to change.
  • Project management is (not) possible without a project manager or team leader.

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