Hanka Březinová

CEO of Inspirata, coach and psychologist


Hanka Březinová owns company Inspirata, which helps companies succeed by setting a corporate culture and developing the potential of employees. She studied psychology and media studies at MU and has several years of experience in managerial positions in HR, where she led teams, set strategies and corporate culture. In addition to strategic HR projects and interim HR management, she is engaged in coaching and individual leadership training. During more than twelve years of experience as a trainer and management coach, she had the opportunity to work with top management in corporations, directors of smaller companies, owners of IT companies and team leaders in various fields. Her team sets HR strategies in fast-growing companies. She is dedicated to the issue of self-managing teams from a psychological point of view and the optimization of company culture to fully support the performance and motivation of people and to be sustainable in the long term.


The most useful from psychology for managing people and projects (how to do it in a “healthy way”)

This year you can expect a very practical and pragmatic lecture written by life itself. As a coach of managers and currently all the bosses in “Lidi z baru”, I have the opportunity to hear many stories and pitfalls in leading people and projects. It amazes me how we have the same thing everywhere! So I’ve combined my own experience of leading people and projects with my clients’ experience and identified the TOP 4 evergreens for you to take a closer look at.

  • Not taking responsibility for the tasks assigned
  • Unmotivated people
  • Uncooperative teams
  • Recurring unsatisfactory behaviour, even though we’ve told them already “3 times”!

The good news is that psychology has the answer to why this is happening and I will have ideas for you how to put on your “detective and psychologist” glasses and get an appropriate solution to these situations.

I’ll break it down practically with a few case studies, either directly from the “Lidi z baru” or from other companies I’ve worked at.

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