Martin Matuš

Director of Product


Martin is a Director of Product at Productboard’s Prague office. He’s responsible for product teams that ensure organizations of all sizes can productively collaborate on building digital products in Productboard and seamlessly integrate it into their existing ecosystem of tools & processes.

During the last four years with Productboard, he’s helped develop our first APIs, experimented with user trial experiences, worked on solutions that allow users to better understand customer needs, and built new product teams.

Outside of work, Martin enjoys brewing his own beer and finding people brave enough to drink it.


The Roadmap to making Mission Critical Products

Uncertainty around the economy has shifted the way product teams are focusing on what is mission critical to their business, while also balancing what is mission critical for their customers. Together, we’ll dive into a world where passion for products meets real-world business challenges.

Want to know how the best in the business balance customer needs with hard-hitting business results? We’ve got insights that might just change the way you see Product Management. Learn how empowered teams are driving value, the pivotal role dedicated PM systems play in shaping success, and the art of fostering collaboration. As we unravel real customer stories and success factors, we’ll go through a roadmap that points directly to product excellence.

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