Martin Vohánka

CEO & Founder


One of the biggest philanthropists in the Czech Republic, initiator and signatory of the call “Second transformation of the Czech economy”. He started his business in high school and shortly after graduation he founded the company W.A.G., known under the brand Eurowag, in 1995. Today, it is a technology leader employing 2,000 professionals in 18 European countries.

Eurowag is building an integrated platform for international transport companies to digitize their operations, transforming the entire industry to make it cleaner, more efficient and fairer. From 2021, Eurowag shares are the only Czech company to be traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Martin Vohánka co-founded the Independent Journalism Foundation and the Foundation BLÍŽKSOBĚ. He lectures at the University of Economics in Prague and is an enthusiastic beekeeper. In his opinion, ethics is not a luxury in business, but an advantage to live, work and sleep well with.


Ethics as an advantage in business

In business, everything revolves around measurable results. But the question of meaning cannot be answered by statistics. Let’s forget about business as a mere numbers game. In reality it is about the positive emotion conveyed, the repeated willingness of people to work with you, to use your products or services, to become part of your story.

The presentation will be in a form of a moderated conversation, moderated by Martin Vasquez.

Panel discussion

Panel discussion on the topic of health – of economy, society, companies, projects. Discussants will be: Martin Klusoň, Martin Záklasník and Martin Vohánka. The discussion will be held in Czech and moderated by Oliver Čapčík and Martin Vasquez.

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