Roman Šmiřák

Co-founder of RainFellows


I started my IT career 20 years ago as a Java developer and later as a Project Manager. Due to successful global deliveries, we started our team of Agile Coaches in 2006 to pass on successful (Agile) practices to other teams. In 2010 – 2013 I was part of the Scandinavian IT Cluster where people from different companies and academics exchanged experiences on how to scale Agile in corporations.

In 2013 we started our own consulting company, which is no longer focused on IT. Later we co-founded or invested in start-ups. We also co-founded several products on the Red Button platform, such as Red Button EDU, where I moderate the Agile Talks show.


How to remove barriers of cross-departmental collaboration or how to show the basics of DevOps and E2E cross-functional teams in a simple way

Why are two departments that are supposed to be working together arguing endlessly about whose fault it is? The Japanese expression Poka Yoke from Lean Development loosely translated means: it’s not the person’s fault, it’s the system’s fault. What does it mean in practice? For example, when we set conflicting goals in an organization that don’t encourage collaboration, we get conflicts between people and teams.

We’ll demonstrate this principle in a playful simulation in which you’ll be part of one of the teams – development and operations. And just like in practice, in our simulation, collaboration between these teams will be bound to happen. What will help to improve it? Sometimes it’s not that complicated. Come get inspired at our fun workshop.

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