Valér Dzvonik

Expert trainer & Mindset Designer; Development specialist

O2 Czech Republic, a.s.

Valér is an expert in adult education. He has been involved in corporate employee development for more than 10 years. His passion is to push people further and help them change the way they look at things around them. He does this by designing new processes, leading training projects, organizing assessment and development centers, and teaching his own courses. Hundreds of participants per year regularly go through his successful courses focused on creating a new mindset.

In addition to gaining practical experience, he is constantly deepening his expertise. He graduated with a Master’s degree in andragogy from Palacký University in Olomouc, completed study internships in the USA and Canada, an acting school in Prague, an MBA and a specialized program at Harvard University. He completed an internship in Italian at the prestigious Italian university La Sapienza – Università di Roma.

He is now involved in employee development as a member of the Change team at O2 Czech Republic, where he is involved in creating business development training projects for management at all levels. In addition, he is a writer and expands the importance of learning about culture and artworks to rediscover the joy of creation. He conducts motivational and development programs for senior high school students in selected high schools, focusing on the areas of communication and self-presentation.


Full control or free rein? How modern theories work in practice in building a Future Contact Centre.

Come to hear tips and practical stories and be inspired!

Is it possible to change the mindset of employees to look at things differently? Will changing the environment ensure a reduction in job changing? How successful are we at targeting employee satisfaction while maintaining the highest possible performance? Is it possible to create a dream job from an operator position?

This lecture will include practical sharing from the environment of one of the largest customer service centers in the country. Together we will look at the changes we have embarked on. You will hear about the new processes and ideas for working with teams, team leaders and the entire contact centre. It’s going to be a ride! Get ready that at some things you will not look the same way as you used to. I look forward to seeing you!

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