Jan Hron

Chief Sales Officer

LinkSoft Technologies a.s.

Well-defined projects, delivered on time and within budget, with which clients are satisfied. To deliver such a project, our sales director Jan first examines the bigger picture – what, why and for what purpose. Then he dives into the details, fiddling with each one until they all come together to form a workable unit.

Before joining LinkSoft in 2019, Jan managed a number of projects and teams of varying sizes – from 30 people on a bank transformation project to teams of just a few members. Teamwork is simply in his blood and he enjoys it in his spare time as well. He relaxes best by playing board games with friends.


Power platform as an alternative to development – simplify your work

Our goal is to show you how the Power Platform enables companies to be flexible and respond quickly to changes, while increasing efficiency and saving time and resources.

What will you learn at the workshop?

  • During the workshop, we will discuss real-life situations that we help clients to solve.
  • Using a fictitious company as an example, we will focus on dysfunctional or inefficient processes and show how Power Platform can be used to eliminate repetitive work. The goal is to show what you can solve with Power Platform.
  • We’ll start with on-boarding process of a new colleague.
  • As part of our demonstration, we’ll look at how the whole on-boarding process can be handled and how to avoid various problems that come with on-boarding and training. But on-boarding is not the only problematic area. There are other processes in our fictitious company that don’t work ideally, and you will be able to choose how our story continues and what issues and solutions we address.
  • We’ll also make a few changes in the app during the workshop so you can see how quick and easy it is to adjust something.
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