Marcus Glowasz

Project Data Leadership Coach


Marcus Glowasz is a trusted advisor and specialist in enabling data and analytics capabilities in the project management domain. With nearly 30 years of international experience in technology and data-driven projects, he provides guidance and support to project leaders and teams, helping them become data-literate and enable effective data-informed and evidence-based practices that align with the dynamic nature of today’s business environments.

Marcus is the author of the book “Leading Projects with Data” which offers invaluable insights into overcoming cultural and behavioral barriers to successfully leverage data-informed practices in projects, empowering organizations to harness the power of data and drive project success.


Project Manager 2.0: Elevating Human-Led Skills and Capabilities in the Age of AI

The use of data-driven practices and artificial intelligence in project management is a hotly debated topic in today’s digital age. Many are keen to leverage AI tools to assist with project planning, risk management, automated reporting, data collection for informed decision-making, etc. For many, this presents an opportunity to streamline and automate numerous project management tasks while gaining valuable new insights to enhance decision-making in projects.

However, to effectively benefit from AI in project management, a solid foundation, and well-established structures are necessary to fully unlock its capabilities. This requires driving and developing the project manager’s unique human-led skills and capabilities which will become more crucial than ever in the age of AI. Through this integration, the immense potential of data, analytics, and AI in projects can be realized while simultaneously providing significant growth and development of people’s project management skills and leadership qualities.

In this presentation, Marcus Glowasz will provide practical strategies and actionable steps for attendees to embrace data-driven practices, advance their human-led capabilities, enable AI to complement people’s skills and abilities and position themselves as future-proof project leaders.

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