Jan Hejtmánek

Partner at Deloitte CE, AI Institute Leader

Deloitte Advisory s.r.o.

Jan has more than 15 years of experience in business operations and process improvement, in addition to 7 years in academia in the field of artificial intelligence. He has been involved in and later led transformation projects involving the latest technologies being implemented in global companies (manufacturers, FMCG companies, banking and pharmaceutical companies).

His insight and level of understanding of the business greatly enhances the speed and quality of the solutions implemented – impacting the usability and usefulness of the final product.


Practical examples of the use of generative AI in Project management

Artificial intelligence is moving the world. Administrative tasks, now manually performed by humans on computers, are becoming meaningless and can be significantly more efficient. In this workshop, we will go through the tasks of a project team according to the PMI methodology and show how the whole project management can be made more efficient with functional applications. From meeting minutes, creating tasks, to presenting the project plan. We expect workshop participants to bring a mobile phone so that they can actively participate.

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