Martin Klusoň

Managing Director in Symphera; Honorary President of KPM


Martin Klusoň is one of the most prominent faces in project management in the Czech Republic. He is a respected lecturer, consultant and mentor. In his role as CEO, he likes sharing his visions across the company and he emphasizes values. He has trained thousands of project managers, product owners and scrum masters in the Czech Republic, Europe and the USA. He helps clients on major projects, with agile transformations, PMO setup and many other activities. He is often invited by board members to help them with changes in corporate governance. He is known for his openness, sincerity and fairness. Clients appreciate not only his experience but also his ability to easily explain difficult topics. Martin is the founder and honorary president of the Chamber of Project Managers in the Czech Republic. He regularly holds lectures and writes professional articles.


Martin Vasquez (conference host)

Public Speaking Mentor | Presentation Coach


He graduated from the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and later from the Theatre Faculty of JAMU in Brno as part of his doctoral studies. He completed a number of trainings and internships in the field of communication, also abroad, e.g. in Germany, Austria and France. Since 2001, over 18,500 employees of many companies have undergone his training and coaching.

For the last 17 years, he has been passionate about improvisational theatre. In 2012 he founded a research and development center for improvisation called IMPRO INSTITUT, which prepares courses and workshops for both corporate clients and the public. In 2013, he published a book entitled “Be Masters of Improvisation!” and in 2015 “Training Masters of Improvisation”.

He is a regular lecturer at universities such as VŠE, FFUK, Metropolitan University, VŠEM. He prepares TEDx Prague speakers for their performance and he himself also spoke at TEDx Prague in 2017. Similarly, he works as a coach and mentor in preparing presentations and speeches at conferences for individuals from corporate and business environments.


Martin Vohánka

CEO & Founder


One of the biggest philanthropists in the Czech Republic, initiator and signatory of the call “Second transformation of the Czech economy”. He started his business in high school and shortly after graduation he founded the company W.A.G., known under the brand Eurowag, in 1995. Today, it is a technology leader employing 2,000 professionals in 18 European countries.

Eurowag is building an integrated platform for international transport companies to digitize their operations, transforming the entire industry to make it cleaner, more efficient and fairer. From 2021, Eurowag shares are the only Czech company to be traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Martin Vohánka co-founded the Independent Journalism Foundation and the Foundation BLÍŽKSOBĚ. He lectures at the University of Economics in Prague and is an enthusiastic beekeeper. In his opinion, ethics is not a luxury in business, but an advantage to live, work and sleep well with.


Martin Záklasník

Coach, mentor

Martin Záklasník has worked in various managerial positions in the Czech Republic and abroad. He has worked in various sectors of business – from consulting, through IT and telecommunications to the energy industry. His most recent position was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Czech E.ON with the aim of transforming the company into a modern and sustainable energy company.

His main skills and topics covered in his practice include corporate transformation and change management, customer centricity, corporate culture and digitalization. Martin took a sabbatical of several months in the summer 2021. He is currently involved in coaching, mentoring and consulting.



Oliver Čapčík (conference host)

Conference host and project sponsor

Symphera s.r.o.

Oliver is the team leader of the largest team at Symphera s.r.o., where he oversees project managers and the largest customer projects. He draws on his 15 years of experience in project and program management, PMO implementations and project management audits.

He is often involved in consulting projects in a QA role, mentoring PMs or even managing more complex projects himself in a senior role. He mostly focuses on the setup and planning phase of the project.

For 15 years he has participated in the organization of one of the largest project management conferences in the Czech Republic and Slovakia – PROJECT, AGILE & LEADERSHIP Conference. Currently he is a project sponsor and conference host.


Panel discussion

Panel discussion on the topic of health – of economy, society, companies, projects. Discussants will be: Martin Klusoň, Martin Záklasník and Martin Vohánka. The discussion will be held in Czech and moderated by Oliver Čapčík and Martin Vasquez.

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