Martin Klusoň

Managing Director in Symphera; Honorary President of KPM


Martin Klusoň is one of the most prominent faces in project management in the Czech Republic. He is a respected lecturer, consultant and mentor. In his role as CEO, he likes sharing his visions across the company and he emphasizes values. He has trained thousands of project managers, product owners and scrum masters in the Czech Republic, Europe and the USA. He helps clients on major projects, with agile transformations, PMO setup and many other activities. He is often invited by board members to help them with changes in corporate governance. He is known for his openness, sincerity and fairness. Clients appreciate not only his experience but also his ability to easily explain difficult topics. Martin is the founder and honorary president of the Chamber of Project Managers in the Czech Republic. He regularly holds lectures and writes professional articles.


Healthy performance – finding the sweet spot of sustainability

Whether you manage a project, a program, an agile transformation or just lead a team, you want to perform. No question about it. High performance can be however deceiving as it is often done at an expense of a health and long-term sustainability. We have discovered and tried ourselves a better way. Let me therefore share with you some of our tips and tricks how to have both – top performance and sustainable health.

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