Sheila Roberts

Chief Progress Officer

Resilience Professionals Ltd.

Sheila Roberts is the Chief Progress Officer for Resilience Professionals Ltd. and has been the Chief Operating Officer for CUPE International for more than 20 years. She has three decades (plus) of PPM experience, leading project professionals to deliver successful initiatives. She is accredited as a Practitioner and Trainer in many PPM and supporting Best Practices.  Sheila is passionate about the need for resilience and facilitating progress and is a co-author of ‘Business Resilience; A practical guide to sustained progress delivered at pace.’ She led the development of the Resilience Profile and other unique tools in the Business Resilience Framework. She is also the Chief Examiner of the APMG Business Resilience examination.

She has worked with many blue-chip organisations to advise them on implementing best practices which lead to healthy performance delivering both progress and resilience. She is a recognised specialist holding positions for the Association for Project Management as Chair of Examiners and Chartered Assessor, in addition to being a Chartered Project Professional herself. She has been elected by competitor organisations as Chair of the PPM Training industry body, the Association for Training Excellence, where she has been on the Board since its inception.

Sheila’s personal style is about collaboratively finding solutions that work for the organisation, network partners, individuals and also reflect recognised best practice. The resilience workshops she facilitations provide participants with practical experience and food for thought. She always aims for her involvement to leave organisations and individuals making progress and more resilient as a result.


Healthy Foundations, Healthy Culture and Healthy Progress – turn the dream into reality

Sheila Roberts firmly believes this is no longer a wish but can be delivered. Moreover, as Chief Progress Officer of Resilience Professionals, she is part of the leading new paradigm to build healthy foundations, healthy culture and healthy progress with the Business Resilience Framework. Sheila will show how, in 2022, Germany demonstrated healthy performance when developing a Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) sea terminal at Wilmshaven to be operational in only 200 days, following the invasion of Ukraine, and how this aligned to the Business Resilience Framework.

Many people believe that healthy performance of an organisation means you must choose to invest for progress above developing the foundations of resilience. Sheila will demonstrate that business resilience and progress go together and that by building on processes already in place you can develop greater business resilience at the same time as making progress.

What can the audience take away?

  • The importance of healthy foundations for healthy process performance
  • The central role of the PACE Culture for healthy personal performance
  • Healthy performance and progress is achieved through projects and programmes
  • An appetite to participate in the practical workshop being led by Sheila and David Roberts later in the day
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