Jiří Langr

OKR Master

Heureka Group

Jirka focuses on areas of change-management, OKR and the connection between visions, strategies and the daily operations of teams. His domain is the “Product-Market Fit” approach, especially in the areas of e-commerce and technology startups (including nomodo.io). As a certified Scaled OKRs Coach and a member of the OKRs Coach Network, he helps Heureka Group with the transformation of the business model on the marketplace and the development of an environment oriented towards bringing benefit to customers. He uses his long-term knowledge of managing large online projects, product development, marketing and change management.

In the past, he worked as CMO at the startup Smartsupp, managed the redesign and web development of several e-shops (including Pneumatiky.cz, Okay.cz and Jena-nábytek) and spent 10 years building the e-shop SportObchod/Sportega, which he co-founded. You can meet Jirka regularly in OKR Master Mind. He is currently also helping with the implementation of OKR in Czechitas.


Lukáš Putna

CTO Heureka Group

Heureka Group, a.s.

Lukáš became a member of management of Heureka company in July 2017. He came to Heureka from a similar position that he held at Seznam before. From the beginning, Lukáš has tried to unite the technological direction with the product vision of Heureka. He supports agile methodologies with a strong emphasis on independent development teams. A joint strategy with the product department which leaves the maximum extent of decision to the development teams helps him to achieve this goal.

And how does Lukáš spend his free time? His greatest hobbies are activities performed together with his family, traveling and getting familiar with good food and drink. He enjoys quality beer, which he can talk about for hours. He relaxes by cooking, but at the same time he likes going out to eat something unconventional. He then catches up with all this through sport – riding a bike or in the gym.


Focus on long-term success! How the OKR framework helps Heureka Group achieve its ambitious goals.

Do you struggle in your company with distractions, too many great ideas, disparate teams and communication problems? Are you facing a big challenge that requires focus on a long-term goal? Are you planning an overhaul of your entire business model? In a case study, you will learn why Heureka (Group) decided to use the OKR framework and see how it worked in practice. You will see examples of successes and dramatic improvements, but also situations where OKR did not work as planned and alternative approaches and solutions had to be sought. Finally, you will get concrete tips on how to quickly implement simple elements of the OKR approach and kick-off positive change.

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