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Experienced innovator, startupper and creator of new sources of profit, growth and differentiation in the market. Co-founder of Direct People, the oldest Czech innovation agency, which has managed several hundred innovation projects for leading brands since its founding in 2010. His innovative and pragmatic solutions strengthen project culture and team performance. And thanks to his expertise and experience in solving diverse challenges, he is a valued speaker at conferences and workshops. He is a mentor at StartUpYard, DoToho platform, ELAI lecturer and certified Lean Stack methodology trainer.


Do you have traction? Can I see it?

Because where there’s no traction, don’t expect a good result.

Traction, or measuring the growth of a startup or any business project, is much more than just trying to impress investors or bosses – it’s proof of the viability of your idea and its potential. In the presentation, we’ll look at what traction even is, how to work with it, and how to measure it at different stages of a project or startup. And we’ll use real-world examples to show which companies have used traction well to achieve success and which ones have been doomed by downplaying this metric.

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