Jan Žák

Project manager and lecturer

TSB, a.s.; ESF MU

Jan Žák is the project manager of Brno ID – a comprehensive system for the electronic provision of public services. Jan came up with the original idea and he has been managing the project and its development since the very beginning in 2016, including coordination of organizational, legal, business and process aspects. As part of his presentation at the conference, he will show us how he uses elements of agility in public administration, mention problematic areas and share solutions.

Jan is currently sharing his experience also abroad as a member of the system integrator for a similar system. Jan also works as a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Administration of Masaryk University, where he created and managed a project called Inter-University Student Competition and others. His strength is the ability to connect the world of IT, public administration, private sector, project management and, thanks to his legal and economic education, also other aspects of projects.


Brno iD – even in the public sector it can be cheap, fast, agile

“Birds of Feathers sit together” …together on the same wave…

People with similar interests and goals often find a common language and inspire each other. At the 15th annual Project, Agile & Leadership conference, we put the British idiom “Birds of Feathers” into practice and developed it into four thematic areas. This platform aims to promote reflection and joint discussion on specific topics and issues and, of course, joint networking. Let’s come together to seek new perspectives, share previous experience and create a space for the exchange of ideas. We invite you to join the discussion and networking and look forward to flying together towards new possibilities.

BoF Project Management – a case study and discussion aimed at project management practitioners working on projects. BoF is facilitated by Milan Tomeš.


Brno iD is a comprehensive solution for the provision of services of the Brno city and a wide range of services of city companies and organizations. Currently, the system has over 450 thousand users and we can say that within the city, approximately every second resident has an authenticated Brno iD account.

We will talk about how this project started and how it influenced its further direction. We will then discuss how the subsequent development has managed to happen in a fully agile way, even though it is in the public sector. We will also look at how governance and communication around the development has worked, what changes have been made throughout the time and what issues have emerged. At the end we will discuss key take aways that could be used as inspiration for other similar projects.

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