Hanka Březinová

CEO Inspirata, coach and psychologist


Hana owns Inspirata, a company that helps small and medium-sized companies to succeed by setting corporate culture and developing the potential of their employees. She graduated in Psychology and Media Studies at Masaryk University and has several years of experience in managerial positions in HR, where she led teams, set strategies and corporate culture. In addition to strategic HR projects and interim HR management, she is a coach and individual leadership trainer. In her 12+ years of experience as a trainer and management coach, she has had the opportunity to work with top corporate management, directors of smaller companies, IT business owners and team leaders in a variety of industries. Her team sets HR strategies in small and medium-sized companies that are growing rapidly. She focuses on self-directed teams from a psychological perspective and on optimizing corporate culture so that it fully supports people’s performance and motivation and remains sustainable in the long run.


Transformational leadership: Win people to your side

If there is a universal approach to winning people to your side, it is definitely transformational leadership. Moreover, it has attracted a lot of attention in recent years, when a new generation enters the labor market. Leader in this approach motivates workers through non-economic factors and focuses on 4 key elements of leadership: charisma, inspiration of followers, personal approach and intellectual stimulation. A great advantage of transformational leadership is that it can also be applied in situations where you are not in a superior/subordinate relationship or have no influence on a person’s remuneration.
In the lecture, you will learn not only what the specific 4 key elements mean, but also how to put them into practice and what skills are needed for this. I will also share with you real stories from companies and my experience as a leader.

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