Roman Stupka

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Scaleup Impact s.r.o.

Roman Stupka – a business coach and mentor, co-founder of Scaleup Impact s.r.o., the first licensed scaling-up coach in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. An expert in processes supporting growth and business development. Thanks to his experience in building and transforming medium-size and large companies (Bristol – Myers Squibb, Česká pojišt’ovna, Český Telekom, Ericsson CZ + SK) and crisis management (Window Holding, ETA, Grapo Technology), he provides effective support to clients from various industries in setting up processes leading to the effective implementation of their strategies.

He is one of the founding members of Red Button, a network focused on improving the corporate environment as a tool for development in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He is a long-standing member of the Young Presidents’ Organization, an international non-profit organization focused on leadership growth and development.


Transformation in various forms and roles

On mammoth projects in historically dominant companies, I have experienced that a large company dies slowly and has more chances for transformation, the more difficult it is to make a permanent change to the desired shape. In companies ripe for bankruptcy, I learned that it is relatively easy to get into trouble and the way out of it is more difficult – there is less time and fewer resources.

Leaders (professionals) usually have their own tools and ways, leaders (amateurs) amateurs operate by the “trial and error” method. But the principles of successful transformation or change are still the same: a clear vision, acquisition of key stakeholders, consistency and discipline in the implementation of plans and communication rather more than less. The process of change/transformation consists of a series of steps in the correct order.

My cookbook is Verne Harnish’s book Scaling up, or Why only a few companies can make it…and the others can’t. It presents a comprehensive methodology that helps to understand and define the connections and steps for the practical implementation of change.

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