Hanka Ducháčková

Group Head of Project & Portfolio, BPM AI & Automation

Fortuna Entertainment Group

First of all, Hana is an enthusiast. She lives what she does. She has spent the last 16 years in portfolio management, transformation and acquisitions. After years spent at IBM in Switzerland, she returned to the Czech Republic, where she has built and leads a project organization at Fortuna Entertainment Group. She managed not only to build a strong team but, more importantly, she combined strategic goals with shared delivery resource capacity management, portfolio management and project management.

However, she has been putting her real passion in the field of AI, robotics and quantum computing since 2012. At IBM, she took the opportunity to work with international experts and participate in early implementations. In 2018 and 2019, she also addressed the future impact of AI and robotics on mainstream IT teams and professions at the Technology Conference in Brno or the PM Conference in Zlin. The real opportunity came at Fortuna Entertainment Group where she built a new Business Process Management AI & Automation department. With her team of experts, she leads the strategic automation transformation where they deliver automation as a service. Together they empower business departments to tackle their challenges with modern automation tools.


Automation opportunities or ‘if you’re not at the table you’re on the menu’

We’ve been hearing about this for years, and some still hope it doesn’t apply to them. Others are truly irreplaceable. And the rest know it will not pass them by.

Robots and artificial intelligence are already a relatively normal part of life, even if we don’t necessarily know about it. No one is scared anymore by a few phrases exchanged with a robot in a customer chat room. No one cringes at AI analytics of its behavior on the internet, and self-driving cars are no longer science fiction. Automation has crept into our personal lives, and we don’t mind it so much anymore. What we suspect, however, is that it will soon start to blend into our work. Let’s take a look at a transformation that’s closer than we think. Let’s try to think if we are part of it, and if not, what to do about it.

This talk will offer a look at one strategic automation transformation that started with a vision of the modern 21st century society.

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