Radovan Vladík



He has been building teams for over 10 years, from donor organizations to the corporate sphere. He has undergone 5 years of psychotherapeutic training and his passion, besides agility, is building a corporate culture of partnership and collaboration. He has the gift of strong empathy and authenticity, which he uses to help people drop their defensive shields and unlock hidden potential. He most enjoys working in group workshops where his ability to read between the lines and work with the psychodynamics of the group allows him to unveil themes that attack core attitudes, values and beliefs.


Project Manager vs Agile Coach: Can a Manager Be a Good Coach?

As companies become more Agile and are no longer islands in IT that follow the odd SCRUM methodology, there is a growing mass demand for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters. The cultural aspect of Agile methods lies in the self-management of teams. Instead of a central coordinating role for the PM, there is a split responsibility between the PO, the team and the AC/SM. What about the project managers, who have often been a pivotal role in companies? Is it appropriate to move the PM into the AC/SM role? Is it possible to find a typological and mindset match there?

We would unconventionally design this “workshop” as a “circle within a circle” discussion. We will invite experienced practitioners to the inner circle who have something to say and share on the topic. At the same time, we will leave chairs open for someone from the “outer circle” who wants to ask a question or join the discussion directly in the inner circle. Or they can just listen.

If this topic interests you, please accept our invitation to join our discussion.

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