Milan Tomeš

Conzultant, Project manager, Scrum Master, trainer


As an engineer by background, he is more people- and relationship-oriented, with experience from the industry, IT, business and education; he is very interested in and enjoys connecting different areas and worlds. For about 10 years he has been focusing on project management, team building, effective communication and leadership, of which the last 2 years with Symphera. He is currently working in two seemingly distant worlds – as a project manager in logistics and as a Scrum Master in IT, but the topics often remain the same. That is why he is also the creator and lecturer of corporate training courses that focus on developing communication and team collaboration.


Fighting agility instead of letting it help you? You need Scrum Master 2.0!

You are in management and maybe you know it. Dysfunctional teams, innovation moving forward slowly, your organization rather fragmented into parts with many friction points, and sometimes you lose faith that agility can help. It is true that a large number of agile teams struggle. This is often despite the fact that they may have a Scrum Master experienced in the methodologies and several years of agile experience behind them.

Agile teams nowadays commonly navigate in highly complex environments among programs, projects, scaled agility, DevOps processes, infrastructure constraints ‑ that is where Scrum Masters and clearly defined methodologies often cease to suffice. The competencies that they need go far beyond the methodologies and often go beyond agility itself.

What such teams and your organization need is not a Scrum Master with better knowledge of Scrum, but a multi-competency role – referred to as Scrum Master 2.0. Join us in an interactive workshop to get to know the necessary competencies and way of working. You will take away a list of what you should want to be able to work better with complexity.

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