Tomáš Havryluk

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors


Tomáš Havryluk, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alza.cz a.s.

He is one of the most senior managers of Alza, which he joined as a PhD student at the Czech Technical University in 2007. A few hours of consulting on the development of the internal information system gradually turned into a full-time job, and Tomáš has been at the birth of many projects and innovations that have helped the company to continuously move and grow during his more than 15 years at Alza. He is the embodiment of Alza’s entrepreneurial philosophy, where technology and the online world are changing and shifting the business world.

At Alza, he founded the IT department, from which a separate Online Marketing department gradually evolved. As the company grew, the need to recruit new colleagues grew, which led him to establish the HR department. Within seven years, he rose to become a member of the company’s top management as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, a role he still holds to date.

He has led and implemented a number of projects that have set new standards not only in the Czech e-commerce world. He was responsible for the birth of payboxes, which make self-service cashless and cash payments possible at branches, and was also at the beginning of order delivery to self-service AlzaBoxes. From his position as Vice-Chairman of the Board, he mainly leads the company’s strategic projects, but also reminds all teams that everything can be done better and pushed forward.

This is also how he feels about himself. In his spare time, he develops his diving skills through study and practice, deepens his language skills and intersperses belles-lettres with personal development titles while reading.


Moderated discussion on sustainability of growth and digitalization of business

In a moderated discussion with Tomáš Havryluk, we will first delve into the topic of sustainable growth of companies, how to grow and at the same time not let growth get too high and how to prepare the company for adverse situations. We will also talk about how to build an IT-driven company, where IT and business mix so that they understand each other and without creating obstacles between them. How to innovate and build the right culture so that the organization doesn’t even need transformation. In the end, we will talk about what each of us should not forget every day – whether it is a manager or every individual in an organization.

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