Michal Fedorko

Division Director

Actum Digital

Michal Fedorko has been with Actum Digital for the last four years, managing the e-commerce and CX implementation division. He first worked there as a designer, now as a division director. Michal is in charge of a team of more than 30 professionals working on projects for Czech and foreign customers. Over the course of two years, he built the team’s competence for one of the most robust e-commerce solutions, SAP Commerce Cloud, which is the strongest partner in the Czech Republic today.


MVP – Or how customers will help you create a product that shines!

In a workshop, we will dispel a few myths about what the MVP is. We will find out why it is important to create MVPs, create collaborations with customers and users when creating new products, and why work in iterations. In the second half, the participants will try to create an MVP for products for which it seems impossible at first glance.

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