Petr Lev

Senior colsultant, Agile coach


Petr is a long-time consultant for Symphera and has devoted his entire professional career to project management and agility. Recently, he mainly trains Scrum and SAFe frameworks, coaches and mentors agile teams or trains and tribes, and consults in the field of agile product management. In everything that Petr trains and consults, he draws from real practice in the roles of Scrum master, Release Train Engineer, SAFe Program Consultant, agile coach or project manager. Petr is also the co-founder of Agile Race and the founder and honorary chairman of the Project Management Student Club.


Project Manager vs Agile Coach: Can a Manager Be a Good Coach?

As companies become more Agile and are no longer islands in IT that follow the odd SCRUM methodology, there is a growing mass demand for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters. The cultural aspect of Agile methods lies in the self-management of teams. Instead of a central coordinating role for the PM, there is a split responsibility between the PO, the team and the AC/SM. What about the project managers, who have often been a pivotal role in companies? Is it appropriate to move the PM into the AC/SM role? Is it possible to find a typological and mindset match there?

We would unconventionally design this “workshop” as a “circle within a circle” discussion. We will invite experienced practitioners to the inner circle who have something to say and share on the topic. At the same time, we will leave chairs open for someone from the “outer circle” who wants to ask a question or join the discussion directly in the inner circle. Or they can just listen.

If this topic interests you, please accept our invitation to join our discussion.

Fighting agility instead of letting it help you? You need Scrum Master 2.0!

You are in management and maybe you know it. Dysfunctional teams, innovation moving forward slowly, your organization rather fragmented into parts with many friction points, and sometimes you lose faith that agility can help. It is true that a large number of agile teams struggle. This is often despite the fact that they may have a Scrum Master experienced in the methodologies and several years of agile experience behind them.

Agile teams nowadays commonly navigate in highly complex environments among programs, projects, scaled agility, DevOps processes, infrastructure constraints ‑ that is where Scrum Masters and clearly defined methodologies often cease to suffice. The competencies that they need go far beyond the methodologies and often go beyond agility itself.

What such teams and your organization need is not a Scrum Master with better knowledge of Scrum, but a multi-competency role – referred to as Scrum Master 2.0. Join us in an interactive workshop to get to know the necessary competencies and way of working. You will take away a list of what you should want to be able to work better with complexity.

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