Henk van Huyssteen

Associate-Director, Transformation & Delivery Management Lead

Deloitte Consulting Africa

Henk has more than two decades of project and programme management experience.  In parallel he played delivery director roles in two consulting firms before joining Deloitte in 2016.

A master’s degree in Future Studies kindled a deep interest in complex systems thinking, and how this changed expectations of the project manager role, conditions for team performance and definitions of project value.  He led various CX and data & analytics transformation initiatives over the past seven years.  These gave him direct experience of success factors and points of failure on complex digital programmes.

Henk currently leads Deloitte Africa’s Transformation & Delivery Management practice.  The practice offers services in programme leadership, lean portfolio management, Agile transformation, programme assurance and rescue.


Scale through autonomy

Teams on complex projects need to learn as they execute. It is already challenging to achieve conditions favourable for learning in single teams.  How do we maintain them in large-scale, digital transformation portfolios?

A real-life transformation programme example will be used to show how to scale:

  • Scale out into multiple teams by leveraging team autonomy and project-to-product re-orientation.
  • Scale up into the business and technology organisations through distributed ownership and ‘Team Topologies’ organisational design.
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