Ondřej Moudrý

IT business consultant and project manager


Ondřej, who are you and what is your focus? What is your life goal?
I am an IT business consultant, salesman and project manager with fifteen years of experience, especially in optimization projects in the private and public sectors. Currently, I try to introduce clients to innovative ways of delivering software applications to end users using virtualization and to prevent them both from getting lost during the transition to cloud services and from losing money in the process. In addition, I am an avid collector of certifications in the field of project management, architecture, security and quality management.

How would you describe a person marked as Experienced Professional or working with know-how and skill?
A professional does not try to convince you of their opinion at all costs at the first opportunity but rather offers the opinion to you as something to think about. They understand that inner conviction doesn’t build overnight and they themselves regularly critically examine and develop their beliefs according to changing environmental conditions. They will captivate you with their enthusiasm and interest in the topic. They never come up with problems but with solutions instead. They are the first to take responsibility and lead by example.


The pitfalls of real-time coordination

Imagine the management of a project such as an infrastructure downtime or a production line reconfiguration. For the successful completion of such projects, it is necessary to handle actions in a matter of minutes, not days. Dozens of people waiting for confirmation of completion of an individual’s work. What approaches do traditional project management and real-time coordination work with? We will analyze the individual approaches in terms of planning, communication, auditability, measurability, repeatability and management of deviations. Learn what to look out for and what mistakes to avoid in real-time coordination.

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