Josef Dvořák

Innovation Delivery Director, Partner

Direct People

Who are you Josef, what do you primarily do and what is your goal in life?

I am a person who enjoys creating systems that work. I like to create new things and my main drive is professional and personal growth and continuous learning and improvement. I like openness and trust, so I try to build relationships based on them. I have been trying new things in different industries for the past 10 years and enjoy the challenges it brings and the satisfaction that comes when something is successful.

This year’s theme is Tips & Tricks; what are the main ideas you want to talk about?

Success in innovation is about people. Methodologies, data, hard skills, tools, money or anything else is not nearly as important. That is why my secret trick is “focus on people right from the start”.

How do you personally imagine a person whom you would call an Experienced Professional in a field, who shows some true skill?

He or she can lead others to a result that I am happy with. No matter what the assignment, scope, budget or anything else was.


The story of a change in the approach to project management in Linet from the perspective of a PM vs. Consultant

In the project of creating one of the first digital Linet products, we will show how even in a highly regulated environment, it is possible to successfully use agile to develop a new product when people are open and accommodating. We will describe both the initial problems in the clash of two different worlds – external consultants from the world of SW and internal teams from the world of development of top HW medical devices, and the ways in which we overcame problems and how it turned out.

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