Jan Doležal

Director and CEO of PM Consulting

PM Consulting

Jan, who are you and what is your focus? What is your life goal?

I guide individuals and organizations through the world of project management, agile and related topics (team leadership, lean thinking, management 3.0). I do agile transformations, optimization of project management systems and development of simulation games focused on agile, projects and teams. My life goal is to help do things in a way that makes sense and leads to better ways of working and living.

The theme of the 13th year of the Conference is “Tips & Tricks”. What are the main ideas you will want to talk about?

Tips and tricks are just the tip of the iceberg. Most of the essentials lie beneath the surface. Without this hidden mass, however, there are no peaks. So we will try to dive in and see what’s important. For example, the roots of agility and the prerequisites for success with agile approaches.

How would you describe a person marked as Experienced Professional or working with know-how and skill?

They have broad knowledge and know why things are the way they are. Not that they read or heard it somewhere, but because they understand the context and understand the why. And they can apply their comprehensive knowledge to specific situations.

It’s not even about the tools, approaches and frameworks we use. Rather, it’s more about why and how we use them.


Scrum Mythbusters

Do you know Scrum? Really? So let’s try it! You will be divided into groups and you will compete in a quiz in which questions will be asked about the most common Scrum myths and superstitions. We will say a statement about Scrum and you will have to decide whether it is true or myth. The group that demonstrates the best knowledge of Scrum will receive, in addition to their undying fame, an interesting award.

As part of the evaluation and the follow-up discussion, we will of course also look at why the questions and answers were right or wrong, thus increasing our understanding of the essence of Scrum and agility.

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