Roman Mašek

IT manager


Roman is an executive IT manager and an experienced program manager who will enrich the talk of ČSOB with an IT perspective and experience with what happens when an organization scales agility and many teams responsible for a complex IT infrastructure enter into the implementation.

Roman, who are you and what is your focus? What is your life goal?

Within ČSOB, I am in charge of the IT department of provision and support of digital channels. It’s an area that must be very flexible and at the same time operationally stable because we provide services (such as ČSOB Identity) on which other front-ends depend. My primary (professional) goal is to balance all aspects of requirements, rapid development, adaptation to change, stability, finance and especially members of the team so that the team works like a well-oiled machine, so to speak. The interpretation of this is always subjective. One of my personal goals is to make sure that the work I do, as well as the results, are meaningful and useful, and by this I evaluate my work.

The theme of the 13th year of the Conference is “Tips & Tricks”. What are the main ideas you will want to talk about?

Agility is a discipline, supported just like all processes. On the other hand, it is a framework that can be used, modified and adapted, and it teaches us to work with change. Every company or team works in different conditions, with different options. Which is why I perceive the topic of ‘Tips & Tricks’ as a space for inspiration and reflection on what and where works and does not work, and what other approaches can be used. It is not necessary to “discover America” when it already has been discovered, let alone reach an impasse.

How would you describe a person marked as Experienced Professional or working with know-how and skill?

They are a person who knows the given area or activity not only theoretically but especially practically. They know what they are talking about. The things they talk about they can also execute, realistically and with the desired result. They manage it with natural authority, sufficient humility and enthusiasm. All the time it is evident they enjoy what they do. I think the state I described above is very difficult to achieve, let alone maintain in the long run. But we all can aspire to such a goal…


WaTerFall 2 Agile or nothing is black-and-white

Do you want to know where Agile has moved after a year and a half in a company where it is not “ordered” from above? Where Agile is introduced in teams where it makes a difference? Where is the unexplored territory of the combined cooperation of agile, project and line teams still being encountered? Where are we unafraid to continue to use the word project and project manager? Do you want to learn what Agile has done with our organization over a year and a half of implementation? At ČSOB, we see the Agile approach as a path to business results. It is a path that we have followed for over a year, and we are not afraid to discuss our approach. Expect a candid confession about the joys and sorrows of implementing the Agile approach at one of the largest Czech banks. Our journey from the perspectives of vision, transformation and execution will be presented to you by:

Josef Šedivý – Agile Transformation Leader, Karel Hrubý – Release Train Engineer of Identity Trains and Beyond Banking, and Roman Mašek – IT Manager Digital Services and System Engineer of Identity Trains, Beyond Banking

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