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The Chamber of Project Managers

The Chamber of Project Managers is an association of individuals and legal entities engaged in project management. The aim of the Chamber is to build a professional background of project management in the Czech Republic (independent of methodology, field or employer) to which the public will be able to address project management issues, as well as broadening awareness of project management and cultivating the profession of project managers sphere, state administration and education. Equally important goals of the Chamber are also the sharing of information and experience among project managers and cooperation with other associations in the field of project management regardless of the field of activity and the methodology used.


Symphera is a project management and consulting company. It has been offering its clients a comprehensive solution including training and consulting for several years. It offers consultants and project managers who know how to train or trainers who know how to manage projects. Clients appreciate our experience in practice, comprehensible, simple and witty communication of information, openness, helpfulness and fair behavior. Symphera provides knowledge based on world-recognized standards and best practice.


BOOTIQ is a smart software garage that specializes in the development of custom projects, E-Commerce, Fintech and IoT.

There are more than 100 of us in seven branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to the division into small and well-coordinated teams we can deliver projects with the efficiency of small “garages” and at the same time to use the facilities of a large company.

We build on the experience which our managers, consultants, architects and developers have gained over the past 15 years in supporting leading online companies. We will be happy to offer you our experience as well.

Bronze partner

Projectman is a network of more than 4 000 professionals in project, program and agile management, business analysis and UX / CX architecture. We are the largest specialized company in the field of project management. We manage projects and supply outsourced teams, give lectures at conferences, cooperate with the best experts and professional communities on the market.

Our consultants are carefully selected people from the community with extraordinary potential and proven references. We continuously develop them in the field of professional and “soft” skills through training, mentoring and coaching. We provide our team with additional support and care so that it can fully focus on the demanding work for our clients.

Media Partner
Czech Cool Trade

We are a consulting company Czech Cool Trade. We provide corporate members of CCT with services of active monitoring and use of funding, financial instruments, effective business and marketing support. And last but not least, we create space for building business relationships at exclusive networking events.

Your company’s corporate membership in the Czech Cool Trade community confirms your professionalism, guarantees quality, social and business responsibility!

The Project Management Student Club

Student Club of Project Management (SKPŘ) connects young enthusiasts for personal development who share a common interest in project management. In SKPŘ, people have the opportunity to try project management in a safe environment, experience the atmosphere of the right team and learn from professionals.

We organize regular meetings, lectures and workshops for our members, where they can acquire theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills and we also offer them the opportunity to participate in the management and implementation of real projects.