Josef Šedivý

Agile transformation leader


Agile transformation brings a lot of challenges. Josef Šedivý takes them on in ČSOB where he has been working for more than ten years. Josef got thrilled by the agile way of functioning, he launched the first agile train (ART) at ČSOB in 2020, he is a certified SAFe Program Consultant and at the beginning of this year, he took on the role of the leader of agile transformation.

Josef, can you describe yourself in terms of your professional role?

I would define myself as a person who likes to try new things. I like change and challenges. It always hurts a little to do something new, unusual, but this is how one improves and grows. This is true in sports, at work and in personal life. At work, I was lucky to be there when changes in risk management started happening – we pushed it to the level of KBC. I was also present in ČSOB retail during a large digitization program and now during an agile transformation. Life goals are a pretty difficult topic to cover in a few lines. Let’s just say that once I look back at my life, I’d rather regret the things I’ve done but failed at, rather than regret the things I wanted to do but didn’t.

The theme of the 13th year of the Conference is “Tips & Tricks”. What are the main ideas you will want to talk about?

I will talk about the benefits of agility, of the product approach and where to use it so that it brings the greatest benefit to your company. I will also talk about how to connect a multi-way delivery to the collaboration between IT and business.

How would you describe a person marked as Experienced Professional or working with know-how and skill?

I imagine a person who lives and breathes the topic and has a lot of experience. They work in the flow and like to pass on their experience because they know that it is the only way to achieve better results.


WaTerFall 2 Agile or nothing is black-and-white

Do you want to know where Agile has moved after a year and a half in a company where it is not “ordered” from above? Where Agile is introduced in teams where it makes a difference? Where is the unexplored territory of the combined cooperation of agile, project and line teams still being encountered? Where are we unafraid to continue to use the word project and project manager? Do you want to learn what Agile has done with our organization over a year and a half of implementation? At ČSOB, we see the Agile approach as a path to business results. It is a path that we have followed for over a year, and we are not afraid to discuss our approach. Expect a candid confession about the joys and sorrows of implementing the Agile approach at one of the largest Czech banks. Our journey from the perspectives of vision, transformation and execution will be presented to you by:

Josef Šedivý – Agile Transformation Leader, Karel Hrubý – Release Train Engineer of Identity Trains and Beyond Banking, and Roman Mašek – IT Manager Digital Services and System Engineer of Identity Trains, Beyond Banking

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