Petr Kadlec

Technical director


Petr Kadlec started as a programmer and thanks to his interest not only in technology, but also in communication and working with people, he has worked his way up to the position of Technical Director at Shopsys. Here, he was at the introduction and adaptation of Agile methodologies at Shopsys and thanks to his role as lead programmer, he has mainly gained experience from the perspective of a team member, with real effects in the satisfaction and efficiency of teams that delivered a large custom-made e-commerce solution for Sconto or the Démos trade portal.


Retrospective and remote world

Whether you manage agile teams or complex change, the key is to always be able to learn from previous successes, but also mistakes. Such a change, which we went through in 2020, is, for example, the transition to a home office. It is an advantage to realize dead ends in such situations and to look for new ways that lead to adaptation to change. One of the tools that can help us with this is retrospective.

The workshop is a form of game with a bit of theory and is intended for anyone who needs to work with other people. In the workshop we will explain what meaning and advantages of retrospective and show its forms. What you should know when you run retrospective for the first time and how you can work with its outputs. In the game, we will focus on communication in the remote world and on the basis of which we will try to make a real retrospective.

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