Radek Domín

Head of Engineering

Merlon Intelligence, Inc

Radek is a senior IT manager with 17+ years of experience. He has worked for companies such as Skype, Microsoft, Storyous, Komerční Banka, Merlon Intelligence. He has experience with the transitioning of teams to agile management methods, the implementation of DevOps and the transformation of monolithic applications into micro-service architecture.

Radek, how would you describe a person marked as Experienced Professional or working with know-how and skill?

It depends on their results and the way they achieved them. It is often not education or knowledge that matters, but basic human qualities such as humility, respect, self-confidence and determination. I strive for everyone in my teams to approach work as a craft so that they can be proud of it.


Transformation of monolithic applications into micro-service architecture

Radek will describe practices that you will not read about in textbooks but that have proven to be very effective in practice. He will also present cases of seemingly innocent decisions that lead to failure, as well as the fact that the micro-service architecture is definitely not suitable for all project types. He will also describe the changes in the organization and thinking of teams that are necessary for a successful transformation.

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