Jan Zámostný

Chief Architect, Director of Banking Applications

J&T Bank

Ex developer, analyst, tester, team leader, designer, consultant, architect, line manager, practitioner and pragmatist who suffers when the work world is divided into IT and business.

He went through all phases of IT delivery, for many years on behalf of the supplier, later moved to the other side. He tried what works and doesn’t work in this area and tries to apply this knowledge in corporations to delivery management so that they end roughly in the planned scope, deadline, price, so that they do not mean a nightmare for users, administrators, architects.

He built a Delivery Management department in Česká spořitelna.

He is a great supporter of the idea that the most difficult and at the same time most valuable is to maintain insight and common sense in corporations.


Project Management or IT Delivery?

What is IT delivery? How does IT delivery relate to project management? Does the PM know what materially and how technically it is delivered? How many projects / parts of them in your contexts go outside of IT? Is IT a subcontract of the project or its main part? Should PM be delivery manager? How do you coordinate the delivery of all integrated systems? How do you test that the whole works, how do you make sure that (in the words of the classic) there is no situation where “it goes well, but it doesn’t work”?
Come talk about it and see, ho we approach it in different contexts and situations!

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