Prof. MUDr. Jan Pirk, DrSc.

Cardiac surgeon, head of the IKEM Cardiac Center


Prof. MUDr. Jan Pirk, DrSc. is a significant czech cardiac surgeon, a head of the Cardiocenter of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM). He completed his studies in 1972 and started working at the hospital in Nymburk. He won the competition for the position of scientific aspirant at IKEM and has been working there since October 1, 1974. He studied venous grafts and in 1978 became a candidate of medical sciences, ten years later he received a doctoral degree. In the 1980s, he completed cardiac surgery training in the USA and from 1990-1991 he worked as a consultant at the University Hospital in Odense, Denmark. He is a member of a number of national and international scientific organizations. In 1991, he became the head of the IKEM Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic, and four years later the head of the entire IKEM Cardiocentre. In 1997, he became an associate professor and received the title of the best manager in healthcare.

For his contribution to the development of cardiac surgery he has recieved a commemorative T. G. Masaryk medal and in 2005 a honorary membership in the Czech Medical Society J.E. Purkyně. Every year Jan Pirk and his team perform about 250 heart surgeries. There were about 7,000 of them during his lifetime, moreover he has completed 295 successful heart transplantations and 4 heart and lung block transplantations. These incredible numbers make him one of the most respected cardiac surgeon in Europe. He comes from three children, his father MUDr. Otto Pirk, grandfather of MUDr. Karel Pirk and his great-grandfather Julius Pick were also doctors. He has two sons with his wife Blanka and he is the grandfather of seven grandchildren. He is a lover of sports, historic vehicles, theater and SK Slavia Prague. He has underwent many long-distance running and cross-country races. He ran the marathon thirteen times, his best performance was 3 hours and 14 minutes. He still runs a half marathon (category 65+), which he won several times.


Work and live … mainly with the heart

Interview with professor Jan Pirk will touch on many topics. As a long-time head of the Cardiac Center and the IKEM Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic, he has a lot of experience in organizing work, promoting change, and selecting the right people for his team. But why does a doctor have to be a good leader? How important is humility to what we do? How to work on wellbeing your own heart?

Not only will we look for answers to these questions together during the interview.

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