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Mgr. Jiří Kastner, MBA, has been working in the field of Performance Psychology since 1999. He is the founder of the Mindset School. Author of MindShity, Emotional Education, Emotional Prejudice, MyRevolution, Success Manual and Czech Miracle. Based on his own success in the world of corporate management, business and sports, he is a sought-after consultant and mentor for corporate management, business teams, entrepreneurs and business owners, as well as a coach for the mental training of top athletes. Thanks to him, companies and business teams are getting profitable and athletes at the Olympics are having the right mindset. It is possible by using project management and increasing mathematical probability. www.Kastner-Reference.cz He shares his practical experience in the form of mentoring work within several mentoring groups, in the public, universities or company lectures.


Emotional Project Management (EPM)

Projects and often only their preparations evoke different emotions in companies, teams and individuals. Success or failure is very often decided by the managerial ability to evoke and maintain the right emotions during the project.

How to work with your own emotions as well as the psyche and emotions of others?

In his lecture Jiří Kastner will share his experience working with himself and in the team with emotions and psyche.

In sports, it is true that the “head is key” and in corporate management it has been confirmed many times that even the best project can fail due to poor attitude of people.

How to strengthen a professional mindset and maintain emotional performance during projects?

The art of evoking the right emotions and the ability to strengthen the necessary emotional bonds allow you to implement successful projects. Jiří Kastner and his lecture will offer you basic information about the psyche and emotions useful for successful project management.

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