Michal Fedorko

Division Delivery Manager

Actum Digital

Michal Fedorko has been working for Actum Digital for the last three years, where he has been developing above the Adobe and SAP products. He first worked here as a designer, now he is the director of division development. In this position, he successfully manages international digital transformation projects in an agile environment using SAFe and Scrum PO & SM certifications. This includes, among other things, responsibility for the implementation of projects within budget, time and with excellent results, and last but not least, responsibility for customer satisfaction. Currently, Michal Fedorko mainly deals with CMS delivery platforms, but he has always been actively interested in the development of financial and banking applications.

The soul of Michal is more of an agilist, but his feet stay on the ground and he´s got a project plan in hand.


How to manage a hackathon #fereznamka /#fair vignette? Or how to develop a government contract in two days.

Journalists, politicians, cameras, microphones, chaos and great determination. You could see all of this in the media, but how did the hackathon #fereznamka /#fair vignette actually go?

What was it like to manage a team of over 120 experts? What tactic to choose when one has unlimited resources but a deadly term? Is it possible to build an organizational structure in a similar environment and will it be of any use?

For this and much more, you will find answers in a lecture by Michal Fedorko from behind the scenes of the organization of the largest Czech hackathon.

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