Jan Doležal

Director PM Consulting

PM Consulting

SCRUM Alliance Certified Product Owner and SCRUM Master. Certified Project Manager IPMA® Level B and PMI® Project Management Professional. Management 3.0 licensed facilitator. Graduated from FME BUT.

CEO of the consulting and training company PM CONSULTING s.r.o. He deals mainly with agile transformations, optimization of project management system in organizations and development of simulation games serving as project management training.

He has been actively involved in project management and product development since 2001. Previously he worked as a freelance specialist, shortly as a project manager in Logos and before that he worked for several years in the East Bohemian company Mikroelektronika, s.r.o., where he introduced project management and managed large international projects (Europe, South America).

He is a leading author of several books on project management, such as “Project Management” or “5 Steps to Successful Project”.


Delegation & Empowerment for Business agility (powered by Management 3.0)

Description: Management very often fears to delegate decision/making powers, and team members are afraid of making decisions on their own (and thus taking on responsibility). We’ll show you how to change from a leader-follower model to leader-leader culture.

  • You will understand what is Management 3.0 and why it is very useful for busines agility.
  • You will learn how (and why) to get from Top – Down delegation model (where empowered team is not possible) to a Bottom – up delegation of empowered team.
  • You will experience Delegation poker and Delegation board (Management 3.0 tools) – we are going to play it!

Session format:

  • 10 min Introduction about Management 3.0
  • 15 min explaining bottom-up delegation mindset
  • 30 min playing Delegation poker with Delegation Board
  • 5 min debrief, buffer
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