Petra Rejsová

Sales & Marketing Director


Petra has been a mother for the last 5 years. For 10 years she worked at Symphera in the position of Sales & Marketing Director, where she partially returned during her maternity leave. Her domain is communication and contact with clients. Acquisition or care of existing clients from major czech and international companies. She made the activities of Symphera or the Conference visible, for example, on LinkedIn or in the media (Economia). She was one of the founding members of the Chamber of Project Managers, where she held the position of program director. She has been involved in the organization of the PM Conference for 11 years. Prior to that, she worked for CGI and PwC. She has been in business for 3 years. After high school, she lived in the UK and USA. She lives outside Prague and takes care of her son Honzík (3.5 years) and daughter Eliška (5 years).


Family or career? We can make it (together).

Of course, the careers of women (mothers) also affect the lives of men (fathers). Those who have gone through this know that not every day there is  enlightenment , but it works. When and how to deal with the woman’s return to work after maternity leave? What circumstances can influence or facilitate decision-making? How to combine family and work life so that it is not a complete trouble? What impact does endless managerial work and projects have on the family? During an open moderated discussion of 3 generations of women (Václava Jersáková, Martina Kučová and Petra Rejsová), we will share with you real experiences, stories, failures and successes that can inspire you in further decisions. The discussion will be arranged by an experienced project manager, husband and father Michal Korf.

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