Lusine Yeremyan

Delivery & Transformation Manager

Lusine is an Armenian American holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Radiation Biology from Suffolk University (Boston, USA). Lusine has been in technology her entire 19-year career.

One of her first major accomplishments was successfully leading a team responsible for building telecommunications infrastructure in Boston, USA. It was not just any team — the technicians were part of a tough labor union, which required a unique approach. It was this job where she first learned the power of Servant Leadership.

Some of her other accomplishments involved program managing new technology deployments in EMEA and LATAM for a multi-billion company, overseeing complex process convergence and automation for 1000+ users in Engineering and Service Delivery organization, and helping leadership in a global cement and building materials company to execute digital transformation initiatives.

Throughout her career, Lusine has honed and polished her leadership skills, and have come to the conclusion that Servant Leadership is the best method to use to build and maintain highly motivated and productive teams. In her free time she loves cooking and dining with friends and family.


Servant Leadership: How to help your teams become highly motivated and productive.

Research shows companies with disengaged employees earn lower profits. More often than not, organizations have low employee satisfaction and high employee turnover. Why? Management style and culture has a direct impact on employee happiness. Join Lusine Yeremyan to discuss Servant Leadership, a method used to build not only excited but also highly productive teams. What is the magic behind it? What are the principles and characteristics of a Servant Leader? Let’s identify at least 3 key things you can do to help your teams become more successful.

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