Milan Tomeš


Mission HERo

He is the creator and the lecturer of corporate training courses that focus on developing communication and team cooperation. Despite being a graduate technician, his focus is more on people and relationships. He focuses on the topics of project management, team building, effective communication and leadership, which he develops with tools like emotional intelligence, mindfulness and gamification. He has experience in industries like IT, business and education and is very interested in interconnecting different areas and worlds. He enthusiastically works in a free firm Mission HERo, leads the IT department at a private clinic in Prague and runs the Mindfulness Academy.


Tribal leadership – How to create a place where we want to belong?

Do you want to experience cooperation? Do you want to know what strength agile leadership has, when it can turn an inoperable team into a high-performing team within an hour? How does the rivalry of different branches become one company pulling together? In this experiential workshop, you will learn the principles of Tribal Leadership, which are based on how natural it is for us to be part of a tribe, be it a football club, college, or your company and perform a joint mission. And how to work with such a tribe so it becomes stronger. The workshop builds on the principles of gamification, which means that you will experience a full-fledged gaming simulation that overlaps with your real life. All the while making a lot of paper airplanes and having lots of fun 🙂

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