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Honza is a director of one of the top companies in the industry. In his role as a consultant, lecturer or Scrum master, he is now mainly involved in agile transformations, company optimization and simulation game development.

He has been working in PM since 2001 and entered the agile world in 2012. His trainings have been delivered to thousands of participants, and he has consulted in dozens of companies where he assisted in implementing large-scale changes.

He co-organizes the PM Conference (Zlín), an amazing annual event that has already taken place 13 times. He is the author of many articles (https://www.pmconsulting.cz/blog/) and the lead author of several successful books on PM (e.g. “Project Management”).

Honza is highly acknowledged for his humane approach, professional competence and clarity. He believes that all activities should have value, quality and make sense. Previously, he also held the position of PMO manager and managed large international projects. He is highly certified in both the agile (e.g. SCRUM Alliance Certified SCRUM Professional or SAFe Program Consultant) and the predictive world (IPMA B, PMI PMP).


Project to Product or Which Way Does Value Flow?

The worlds of project and product management have become very close and in many ways intersected. In which case does it still make sense to talk about projects? When is it much more about product development? And how do you link the two together functionally, if you can? How does an organization actually work as a complex system? We will use a case study to show how to map the value stream, how to define the products involved and how change projects can relate to this. In this way, we define a certain possibility in which project manager-type roles still make sense even in a very lean-agile organization – although perhaps a little differently than it is traditionally thought of.

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