Oto Hausmann


Specializes in change management, project management, team leadership and people development.  Some time ago, he ended his long-lasting mission as Director of Logistics at DATART, where he also led strategic projects and changes such as the creation of an online shop and its integration into the network of traditional stores, the development of services and the related change in the profit structure, the establishment of a European IT Competence Center within the DARTY Group or the implementation of supply chain processes and tools. He is currently helping Logio to build its position as a dominant supplier of SCM solutions. He is responsible for the PMO, manages large-scale projects primarily in the retail sector that involve changes in SCM processes and is involved in Logio’s transformation. He has successfully completed PMI certification in the past and guides students through exercises in an IT Project Management course at the Prague University of Economics and Business.


Project Management Does Not Belong in Organizational Transformations

Good project managers naturally gravitate towards leading or coordinating transformation processes and projects in the companies they work for. In doing so, they make one fundamental mistake: They imagine transformation as a project and approach it accordingly.

Let’s try to look at the key approaches to transformation, for example, according to the teachings of John P. Kotter or the Systemic Approach principles. Let’s share experience from our transformation adventures and together create a list of dangerous project management dead ends when leading and organizing transformation. Among the various project management skills and methodologies, can we after all find something we can rely on for the transformation of a living organism?

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