Gabriela Končitíková

Project manager

Tomas Bata foundation

Gabriela has been studying the Bata Management System and its current use for a long time. As part of her lecturing activities, she lectures on individual topics of the Bata Management System. At the Tomas Bata University in Zlín, she approaches the legacy of Bata in a scientific way, analyzing the possibilities of transforming Czech companies according to the Bata Management System. She publishes her studies and is the author of several books. Currently, she works for the Tomas Bata Foundation. She is dedicated to sharing the inspiring ideas of Tomas Bata within the Bata Inspiration project. She is the author of the bestselling book ‘The Bata Inspiration – How to Be Stronger and Happier According to the Life Principles of Tomas Bata’.


Leadership According to the Bata Philosophy

Tomas Bata believed that it is only possible to change people’s behavior by setting a personal example and that people will never do more than their boss is willing to do for the cause. It was only possible to rise to leadership positions in Bata’s company if one demonstrated quality results in one’s professional life, but also if one set an example of a person of character and morality.

How to use the principles of Bata leadership today and how to become a personal example for those around you? Many answers can be found in understanding the Bata philosophy of service. Both will be presented in the lecture.

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