Red Boumghar, PhD.

Roboticist in Space Operations

Libre Space Foundation

Dr. Red Boumghar is a long-term open source software user. He has developed and managed different Artificial Intelligence projects in robotics and perception in the satellite imagery industry and automotive industry. He is a former research fellow in the team for AI in Space Operations at the European Space Agency where he ran the first public machine learning challenge based on spacecraft telemetry open data. As a mentor for the NASA frontier development lab, he has led a team for robotics and lunar exploration in an intense context. He currently works at the European Central Bank as a senior project manager and contributes actively to the Libre Space Foundation working on a full open source, ultra-collaborative machine learning project for space systems autonomy.


Manage nothing, achieve everything: key principles of an ultra-collaborative open source machine learning project for space (EN)

Polaris is an open source project hosted by the Libre Space Foundation which goal is to provide spacecraft operators with machine learning tools to monitor, predict and understand their mission’s health status. The project provides important building blocks for autonomous space missions.

With a total visible community of more than hundred and active contributors across the globe, the Polaris project is not traditionally managed. Knowledge centric, consensus driven, zero emails and other principles are keys to successful achievements.

The project requires advanced competencies and complex decisions to be taken. How do we achieve this with minimum overhead on management ? How do we connect needs and constraints and have everybody aligned without sending any emails ?

This presentation is going to show you the key principles, guidelines and mindset that were set up to run such a project in a zero-manager context.

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