Tina Nekudová

Technical Sales Professional at Microsoft


Tina Nekudová is a young woman who works at Microsoft, but also at the startup Kulturea. At Microsoft, she holds the position of Technical Sales Professional, within which she is responsible for the biggest customers in the Czech and Slovak Republics and for the implementation of technologies such as Windows 10 and Office365 in their environment. At Kulturea, her main domain is knowledge of technology, but also business strategy. In these areas, she helps customers across the entire portfolio. She also has several years of experience at Deloitte, where she led the risk agenda team and for the first time had the opportunity to participate in talent programs for young women. Two different worlds of a corporation and a startup give her a unique opportunity to look at situations from different angles. Tina takes the initiative in activities related to supporting young women in business. She collaborated on many projects, where she lectured or mentored girls and demonstrated the possibilities of their application, for example in the field of IT.


Tina studied diplomacy, which is far from technology, but as she says, it is useful for her in everyday negotiations. Within her social networks, she is dedicated to supporting young people, which motivates them to seek their potential and develop their personality. She also connects experienced professionals with an ambitious generation. Last but not least, she is the mother of her tiny daughter, who, in many ways, opens her eyes.


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