Hanka Březinová

CEO of Inspirata, coach and psychologist


Hanka Březinová owns company Inspirata, which helps companies succeed by setting a corporate culture and developing the potential of employees. She studied psychology and media studies at MU and has several years of experience in managerial positions in HR, where she led teams, set strategies and corporate culture. In addition to strategic HR projects and interim HR management, she is engaged in coaching and individual leadership training. During more than twelve years of experience as a trainer and management coach, she had the opportunity to work with top management in corporations, directors of smaller companies, owners of IT companies and team leaders in various fields. Her team sets HR strategies in fast-growing companies. She is dedicated to the issue of self-managing teams from a psychological point of view and the optimization of company culture to fully support the performance and motivation of people and to be sustainable in the long term.


Activate your team: coaching techniques in managerial practice

We will focus on the key role of coaching and coaching techniques in the work of the project manager and leader. Participants will learn about modern coaching methods and approaches that they can use to develop their teams and increase motivation and effectiveness. The presentation provides an overview of how to integrate coaching techniques into daily interactions and decision-making processes to support team members’ personal and professional growth.

We begin with an introduction to the basics of coaching, its importance and benefits in the context of project management and leadership. We will then dive into specific coaching techniques such as active listening, asking open-ended questions, and using feedback to support and develop team members. We will also introduce how to effectively apply these techniques at various stages of a project – from planning to execution to evaluating results. We will also discuss how to create a culture of openness and trust that is essential for successful coaching.

This presentation is designed for both junior and senior project managers and leaders who wish to develop their coaching skills and enhance their impact on project success and team development. Attendees will leave with practical tools and techniques they can immediately incorporate into their work, and a new perspective on the importance of coaching in the modern work environment.

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