Petr Lev

Senior consultant, Agile coach


Petr Lev is a senior consultant in Symphera and he has devoted his entire professional career to project management and agility. Recently, he mainly trains Scrum and SAFe frameworks, coaches and mentors agile teams and consults in the field of agile product management. In everything that Petr trains and consults, he draws knowledge from real practice in the roles of Scrum master, Release Train Engineer, SAFe Program Consultant, agile coach or project manager. Petr is also the co-founder of Agile Race and the founder and honorary chairman of the Project Management Student Club.


Birds of Feathers – Agile PMO

“Birds of Feathers sit together” …together on the same wave…

People with similar interests and goals often find a common language and inspire each other. At the 16th annual Project, Agile & Leadership conference, we put the British idiom “Birds of Feathers” into practice and developed it into thematic areas. This platform aims to promote reflection and joint discussion on specific topics and issues and, of course, joint networking. Let’s come together to seek new perspectives, share previous experience and create a space for the exchange of ideas. We invite you to join the discussion and networking and look forward to flying together towards new possibilities.


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